Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is coming sooner than I think .....

Well that relaxing Thanksgiving break I've been so looking forward to was over in a flash. Now I know some of you are deep into your Christmas decorating but the most I could do today is haul out this piece.

I stitched this several years ago and I think it may have been from Prairie Schooler or Cross Eye Cricket. I love the sentiment and the heart shape of the piece. I used some gold blending filament in the ribbon so it is sparkly.

I hang this in my foyer with my creche but I don't have that stuff unpacked yet. I'll share my best Christmas stitching with you in the next month. Before I did cross stitch I did needlepoint. I have some lovely Christmas stockings that I did for my family and an adorable creche set I made back in 1985. Also I have two cute tree toppers - one is a girl angel and the other is a little boy angel holding a train -so I have lots in store to share.

Now I didn't do any shopping on Black Friday, but I did go online and on Saturday I went up to Fabric Shack and quite a few Christmas fabrics came home with me - I wonder how that happened? LOL Anyway Christmas fabric was 20% off and I got a great idea for a Christmas quilt the other day.

There is a mix of retro and modern pieces and a range of colors reds, green, a little aqua and orange. I came to the realization the other day that in my large collection of quilts I don't have a Christmas quilt for my bed. I have several wall quilts and wall hangings but nothing to tuck myself in under. Soooooooo..... I realistically know that I can't finish a quilt before Christmas since I know I won't quilt this myself. It will get large since I like generously sized quilts for my bed, but I also know that I'm gonna start anyway because I don't have anything else to do before Christmas -- ha ha ha ha ha- what a crock of crap -- I have tons to do but I really need to see part of this on my design wall. It will be a simple square surrounded by sashing. I picked up the sashing and border fabric at 20% off sale. (Are you noticing a pattern? yeah - 20% off is my threshold for shopping - it doesn't take much - LOL!) Now most people would do a red and green and white color scheme for Christmas but I have to have my own twist on it. There will be red and green but the sashing and borders are going to be a wonderful buttery yellow with snowflakes in red, pink, green and aqua. It is going to be soooo pretty and sooooo me! I'll post an "in progress" shot later this week.

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Carol - I wanted to let you know that the chickens on "Garden Grumbles & Cross Stitch Fumbles" blog doe 11/28 are by Williraye. If you google Williraye you'll get several websites - there are fabric chickens, and resin chickens, and chicken aprons, and chicken dishes - chickens galore - enjoy!

  2. What a lovely Christmas piece! Great fabrics too!

  3. Love that cross stitch! It's beautiful! :0)

  4. I love your picture! Nothing to do before Xmas? That IS a load of crap! But I bet you can pull off getting that quilt top done. Now, I'm off to check out chickens too!

  5. Lovely cross stitch and I love that sentiment too. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas quilt beginnings. :o)

  6. Your lovely stitching (CEC I think) Dickens' sentiment? keeps cropping up in the searches I do.
    It's really beautiful - just wish I could find out which CEC it is!)


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