Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sampler Sunday

This one is very different from the piece I showed last week. I finished this in 2000 and by this time I had progressed to stitching on linen and using lots of overdyed threads. This sampler is called We Gather Together by With Humble Heart from Jan Stephens Rogers. I'm pretty sure this graph is out of print. It is a HUGE piece - 308 X 331 stitches. And no I don't have that great a memory, I stumbled upon a website with this graph and wrote down all the information. As I remember it was suppose to be stitched over one thread which I don't like doing so I did it over 2 threads and the finished piece measures 22 X 24 inches. I have this sampler hanging in my dining room and I like the giving thanks theme. I did make changes - the ones I remember are that all the background behind that outside border of grapes was suppose to be stitched, and I did something different in that middle band with the diamonds.

Aren't the squirrels adorable?? I love squirrels even though they raid my bird feeders and I know they are really just rodents with better fur coats.

And did you notice the chickens? This is the only sampler I have with chickens.

(If you click on the pictures they get a little bigger - I'm still working on getting them clearer - It is all a learning experience, isn't it?)

Hope you are having a great weekend, happy stitching.

carol fun


  1. I used to cross stitch but I just did it on 14 count Aida cloth. Never had the courage, or the eye sight, to try linen. I do have a pattern that I want to try to make, again on even weave. This is really beautiful!!

  2. OK I finally got on as a follower! Don't know why it wouldn't work last time, guess my computer was stressed!

    I gave away the orange mesh bag I made to a friend at work and she loved it! Got my lime one done except for handles. Not happy with my handles so far. Need to talk to you about them:)

    Later chickie, keep up the good work! Columbus or bust in two weeks! YEAH!


  3. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :)

    I LOVE this Sampler-just beautiful :)

  4. Loved your quilts, but so enjoyed your needlework too. A lovely blog.


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