Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Today I have a little of this and a little of that to share. I skipped Design Wall Monday because well, I forgot it was Monday and my design wall looks EXACTLY like it did a week ago except for the squares that fell off and I slapped them back up there. I do have a finished quilt to show.

This quilt is from the Anka's Treasure book, Stop, Drop and Roll, and the pattern is called Getting Ziggy with It. I used a Oz by Sanae jelly roll. I really liked this collection. The golden yellow fabric is a small dotted piece (not exactly polka dots but close). And I am particularly fond of the border print. That giant tulip in the border makes me smile.

This is the first Blackbird Design that I've gotten framed. It is called Quaker Garden. I have several BBD pieces waiting to be taken to the framer and another piece that I figure I can finish stitching tonight - it just needs a few spots here and there. I really like this piece, I mean really like it. It is one of the few pieces I've done that doesn't have a house. I thought about replacing the butterfly with a house but at the time I was working on this piece I didn't have the time or energy to rechart the piece. I'm glad now I left it alone. I need to find a place to hang this. I'm scouting out a few different places in the house.

And this is my Beatrix Potter Companion Quaker. This is my first Quaker sampler but it won't be my last. I've got several stashed that I can't wait to stitch. I want to do a whole wall of Quaker pieces. I got the idea for the threads from a piece I saw on Needleprint's website. Doris Hirth did one in these colors and I loved it. My fabric is an R&R called Roasted Crown. It is a warm golden color and I'm using DMC 433, 434,676, 680 and 746. I started this piece during the Chrismas holidays and haven't picked it up for a while. I'm surprised how far along I got. I need to get back to this one soon. However, my plans are to finish the Summer House BBD tonight and do the graphing of my town for a piece I found on Brenda Gervais site about a month ago. Then I really want to start the BBD Mystery Sampler - I finally got all the charts and I picked up my linen and threads over a week ago. I just love starting a new project, don't you?? But I'm trying to be good and not have so many things in process. I'm trying but I don't think I'm succeeding. I have numerous pieces is various stages - I kinda fall in and out of love with them -- oh I'm just too fickle - LOL!!

Looking at the quilt and the Beatrix Potter I realize my love for all things yellow is very evident. Yellow is my FAVORITE color. Now I know lots of people who aren't nearly as fond of yellow as I am but I think yellow just warms up everything. To me it is the happiest color. I have several yellow quilts and I am very partial to hand-dyed linens in golden tones. I had a yellow bedroom as a teen and in my first apartment my bedroom was very yellow - I couldn't paint the walls so the bed linens and the carpet were yellow. In my first house, I got yellow linoleum for the kitchen floor. I have lots of yellow in my wardrobe and my friends know that given a choice of colors I will ALWAYS pick yellow.

So I hope you have a sunny yellow day coming your way. Happy stitching,

carol fun

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