Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Decorating

Another week has blown by and while some days seemed quite Fall-like the weekend was quite warm. I'm not complaining since there is no humidity. The leaves are starting to turn and I love the Fall colors. I tried to bring a bit of the Fall inside with an display in my front hallway. First there is this sampler....

Autumn Row by Bent Creek. I stitched this with overdyed flosses to get those pretty variations in the pumpkins. And then there is this frame.....

I saw the frame before I stitched the sampler. I knew there would be a sampler that would be the perfect complement and I think these go together perfectly. Have you ever chosen the frame before the sampler? This has happened to me before and not only with samplers. I've made an entire outfit around a set of buttons and I've designed a quilt to go with the backing fabric. You know how sometimes you just get smitten with an item and you have to figure out how to bring it all together? I think those are adventures in creativity. Here is a pic of the entire arrangement...

I made the table runner last year from a book by Anka's Treasures. I think the fabric was Sandy Gervais - I always like her collections. The pumpkins on the floor are real and the ones on the table aren't. Every time I come around the corner and see this display I think "Wow that's a lot of orange!" And it makes me smile.

I spent time yesterday and today cutting out pieces for a new quilt project. I haven't done any sewing for a while and it was fun. I made a HUGE mess, piles of fabric everywhere. I did neaten things up today and get the fabric back onto the shelves. I have no idea if I've cut too many pieces or not enough....probably too many, that's what normally happens to me. It is going to be a scrappy quilt and I know I cut pieces out of over a hundred different fabrics. I firmly believe more is better when you're doing scrappy.

Happy stitching....
carol fun


  1. I love the frame! It's perfect.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your autumn display. The frame IS perfect for that piece.

  3. Love your sampler...and that frame is PERFECT! Have fun sewing!

  4. Love your fall decorating! I have that same sampler stitched up and on display, but I leave it up on my stitching/sewing room year round LOL. It is one of my favorite pieces.

  5. Carol,
    Your sampler looks great and the frame is just perfect with it.
    Love your Fall decorations. The quited table runner is beautiful!

  6. Great job on the sampler and the frame!! Your decorations are very cozy.

  7. Beautiful finish to Autumn row, love the frame you used with it!

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  9. What a great frame! I'm envious of your stitching, the frame, the finish, and the wonderful display you created - great work all!

  10. OMG do I ever love that frame. :D

    As for the display, the way that the diamond-set squares of the quilt echo the flooring is a nice touch. :)


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