Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm blaming it on .....

....................THE FULL MOON!

Did you see it last night? So full and pretty, and I swear it is what is making me crazy. The last couple of days I've been suffering from crafter's ADHD. Now this afflicts me on a normal day but somehow it has gotten even worse this week.

And as a further manifestation of my craziness you are wondering what this quilt has to do with anything - well it has the phases of the moon on it! (Excuse the wonky pic but it is hanging in a hallway to my kitchen and there wasn't anyway to get a stragiht on picture.) Anyway,it is another of my all Debbie Mumm fabric quilts and another Fall quilt. I have no idea what the pattern was but I like that it has acorns and pumpkins and cute little houses and leaves.....and yes I am prattling on and on.

I have started 3 different knitting projects. I picked up and stitched a while on my long neglected Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler. And I stitched some more units for my Kitchen Sink quilt. Here's a pic of the first knitting project.

I found this yarn at the super Joann's in Centerville Ohio the other day. It is by Lion Brand and it is called Amazing. It is 53% Wool and 47% Acrylic and I love how the colors subtly gradate. The shading reminds me of the much more expensive Noro but this is lots softer. I bought 4 different colorways, Ruby, Wildflowers, Arcadia and Rainforest. One ball of each -- what was I thinking?? One 147 yd ball is not enough to do anything with, soooooooo I need to go back and get more. It is on sale till Saturday, buy one get one 50% off. Don't want to pass that up. This is the beginning of the 22.5 Degree Shawlette. The link is to Ravelry. One of the largest black holes of craftdom. I get on there and lose hours of my day. but is it sooooo much fun. And then there is this project...

This is a Baktus scarf, again from Ravelry. I had both of these yarns in my stash. The black is a Knitpicks sock yarn and the multi color one is an Opal leftover from a pair of socks I knit. I probably don't have enough of the multi color but I figure I can use up some other multi color leftovers I have. Oh this the 3rd one of these I started this week. I frogged the other two. Sheesh! And then are these...

I started the second sock of the pair. The yarn is Blue Moon Socks that Rock and the colorway is called Cattywampus, which is a very apt description of what the state of my mind. Love this yarn, very smooshy (that's a technical yarn term, right?)

So you can see that I have been very busy but I don't have a single thing finished. Now if I had just concentrated on one of these projects I might be near completion but nooooooooo, not me. In fact, when I went photograph these projects EVERY single one of them I stopped mid-row. I had to finish knitting the row so I could lay them flat to take a picture - I'm so easily distracted. My dear departed dad once described my mind's behavior as bouncing around like a BB in a box car..... rather descriptive wouldn't you say? and very very accurate. Gotta run... I'm sure there is at least 2 or 3 more projects I can start this week, its only Thursday!

Happy stitching...

carol fun


  1. Hey Carol, crafter's ADHD is a GOOD thing! Keep it up!

  2. Yep....crafter's ADHD....something I think every true crafter suffers from! Can't wait to see your Baktus Scarf - I wish I could knit, as I'd love one of these!

  3. Crafter's ADHD is not a bad thing - look at what you've accomplished. :-) Maybe it's the full moon affecting my lack of focus this week. I'm super scattered.

  4. Oh, my gosh how amazing that quilt is :o :o :o

    THANK YOU for sharing!

  5. That quilt is fabulous!Love everything about it.

  6. Goodness Carol I;m exhausted just reading about all these projects never mind tackling
    Your Quilt is just stunning!!
    Great knitting pieces, love the bactus scarf.

  7. I didn't know it was a full moon last night. Explains the crazy rant I went on yesterday! That quilt is wonderful and you've got so many wonderful projects in the works!! You're exhausting me!

  8. I'm itching to cast on a new project...or three! ;o) But have picked up a sock again. The second sock...must complete! Do you like the magic loop method for your sock knitting?

  9. that's a great fall quilt and love the socks.


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