Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm losing....

my mind, well at least part of my memory - LOL! Over the weekend I was cruising blogs and I found The Examplar Dame's blog. As I scrolled down I saw sampler after sampler that I just loved. Samplers I want to stitch- NOW, or at least very soon. Any way I tracked down most of them at Wyndham Needleworks. Then to my surprise I found this sampler.......

This is MY sampler. I stitched this back in 2003. I love this sampler and had no memory it was by Examplar Dame.

I love all the birds and

the satin stitched clouds. I used overdyed flosses on a pretty turquoise linen. However I have a problem with the message of this graph, "Let virtue guide us." I have trouble with being virtuous. You see, I spent a ton of time on Wyndham Needleworks site yesterday. First time through I picked out almost $100 worth of charts I wanted. Ummmm.... not in the budget this month, particularly after all the other button pushing I did last week. (It is going to be a great week for UPS at my house - lots of goodies coming my way.) So I slept on it and I pared my order down considerably. I convinced myself that I could order more of the graphs next month. Being virtuous isn't any fun when we're talking about great charts, but I'll keep trying.

And while I was cruising blogs I found THREE new quilts I can't wait to start.
They are all on Moda Bake Shop There is the Ritzy Cracker quilt, the Charming Stars quilt and Braided Irish Chain. At least I have plenty of pre-cuts on hand for all of these. I just need to make a decision about which fabric lines to use with which pattern -- and I can feel virtuous since I don't need to buy any thing for these projects. (I always think I won't need to buy anything more for a quilt but invariably I find that there is something I just gotta add - oh well, I can delude myself for a while.)

And for you quilt lovers check out the slide show of the 2010 Pacific International Quilt Festival on Quilt Otaku's blog. There are some breathtaking quilts. It boggles the mind how much time and talent goes into these creations.

Well, I hope that everyone has time this week to indulge in our favorite pastimes.
Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. I think I have that one somewhere - and I think I even started it - hhmm....wonder where it is?

  2. That is a gorgeous sampler. How funny that you had it and didn't remember the designer. I will be watching to see the stashy goodness that arrives at your door. Have a great week!

  3. Love the sampler! I hadn't seen that one before. Isn't waiting the new stash fun!?

  4. Beautiful sampler! I'm off to check that website out.

  5. I love that sampler! I'll have to go check that one out! I've been doing my own button-pushing this I need more yarn! ha! Oh well...I'll look forward to the mailman too!

  6. OOh; pretty--such a gorgeous red!

  7. Pretty Sampler Carol. Looking forward to seeing your new stash. Off to check out the quilts. Hugs!

  8. I so admore your samplers and your dedication to stitching "large" pieces!


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