Thursday, December 1, 2011

I have NO impulse control

Oh my goodness - it is clearly evident that I'm always working on a lot of different projects at the same time, even though I know I'd probably get more done if I just stuck with one or two.... but then something catches my eye and off I go veering off in yet another direction. Yesterday this arrived in my mailbox...

the Feb. 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. I love the quilt on the cover and was intrigued by the command "Find More Time to Sew". There were some great tips but none of them were my favorites such as:

Put all the delivery numbers for carryout dinners on your speed dial.
Tell your family they will have to go naked next week so you can eliminate laundry.

These are great ways to get more time to sew, but I digress, that's not the what I wanted to share.

This is what caused me to lose control and sprint to my sewing machine....

the ad on page 7 for EQ7. Can you see the quilt in the lower left corner? Instantly I knew what I wanted to do with these blocks that have been hanging out on my design wall....

cut them down and turn them into these blocks!!

Oh oh oh - I do love this block. I just wasn't feeling the love of the 36 patch blocks but I really wanted a block that would show off some of my big scale floral prints and this is it!

I have enough large and medium scale florals to make a double bed size quilt so I'll be able to make another pretty FREE quilt!

Yes the Flowers for Nana's Girl blocks are still on the design wall but I had to make some of these right NOW. It is a good thing that my vices aren't illegal or immoral or I'd be going straight to hell. (oh I may be going there anyway for other indiscretions but lets not discuss it now - LOL!)

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. i don't blame you for dropping everything and going for this! Great blocks!

  2. You are so clever! When inspiration hits, you just don't have any other choice. Those stars are just fabulous and I can't wait to see it finished. Eagerly waiting for my issue to arrive now.

  3. Very nice! The new blocks really do show off those floral fabrics. The only thing I'm wondering is where my copy of that magazine is lol. Just seeing "Scrap Happy" on the cover tells me that I'm really going to like this issue!

  4. Love the new blocks and the way you used the inspiration from the magazine to put the old blocks to even better use. I think it's even more pleasing to the eye. LOVE it. I can completely relate to having too many "irons" in the fire. I would get more done (including a certain b-day project I have been working on and off on for months now) if I would stick with ONE thing.'s a sickness, I tell ya. Yeah...that's it. ;)

  5. I love the new blocks. That quilt will be gorgeous!

  6. Those blocks are beautiful! :0)

  7. We must be twin spirits! I start and start and start projects. I love it for a while, and then it gets put away in favor of some new love. Love your new idea. What are you going to do with the leftover parts of the previous blocks? They could work into a border...

  8. I am so like you! LOL I for sure have quilters ADD. I can't stay on any one project for too long without starting another. Our recent remodel of our whole downstairs I used the excuse I couldn't get to my new sewing room to quilt my tops. So for months I just kept making more quilt tops. I'd be working on one while eyeing some recent fabric I bought. It's terrible...LOL Now that all the remodeling is done I have been doing some quilting but my need to start new projects hasn't stopped. You are not alone.


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