Friday, December 30, 2011

What have I done this week?

Have you wondered? Oh I hope so. Well, I haven't been on a tropical holiday. No, instead I have been waiting (not patiently) at home for my local cable provider to come and fix my internet connection. It began with a call to them the day after Christmas asking to again fix a problem they assured me was taken care of a month ago. And yes, they had fixed it then, but it had reverted to the same situation and only they could rectify the problem, which they did for approximately 12 hours and after that I had no internet at all. Great. So you call and within the first 10 seconds you want to bang your head against a wall. First, they suggest you contact them on line - um, yeah, I have a problem with that. Then they tell you that the call may be monitored - WHY??? It takes forever to get to talk to a real live human being! After spending 40 minutes or more (mostly more) on the perpetual phone roulette wheel, if you do get to talk to a person even the most even-keeled customer is going to be cranky and annoyed. (I am not the most even-keeled person, just so you know.)

However the upside of no internet access was that I got to work on several projects. First, I finished another pair of plain stockinette socks.

The yarn is Opal and I like how the green bits kinda looks like trees or a waterfall. (Or maybe lack of internet access has cause me to hallucinate- LOL!)

And I got more blocks sewn up for the 16 patch sawtooth star blocks - or as I call them Carol's Stars. (another delusional moment)

This quilt top should be done in time for Design Wall Monday. Check back.

Additionally there was much cross stitching. The Boughs of Holly is complete and has been whisked off to the framers. And I am having a lot of fun with this LizzieKate Winter Alphabet.

I'm using a lovely 32 count Belfast linen called Ice Blue and DMC floss. There is such a nice feeling of satisfaction when I finish a letter and I love all the different frames around the letters. I will be doing the other seasons of this design.

I also worked on my hand made Christmas presents for my friends, and yes I am aware it is after Christmas, but we all agreed to postpone till after the family festivities were over. So when I found out the deadline had been moved back I do what I always do - I put them aside and ignored them. Fortunately I felt some motivation to work on them yesterday. I will post pictures after they have been gifted.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve - do you make resolutions? Click here - this sums up my philosophy on resolutions.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Hey Carol, Garfield sounds good. Here's another one.... 'What exactly is new year resolutions'? asked one little bird to the other. It's a to do list for the first week in January, replied the other little bird.
    That's what happens to me every year, so this year I think I will keep my mouth closed and I might surprise myself.
    Happy new year Carol x

  2. I forgot to say the socks. Great colours.

  3. Love the socks....your stitching...block..

  4. Right on with the resolutions! I'll enjoy seeing the L*K as it progresses - Happy New Year!

  5. Great projects! No resolutions here, except to keep my hands busier with stitching so I leave the cookies and chocolates alone more! ;)

  6. Carol!
    You got so much done. The socks are great, I can't wait to see Boughs of Holly and the Winter Alphabet is looking great.
    Happy New Year!

  7. A very productive week. :-) I LOVE the Lizzie Kate alphabet. I'm planning to do more x-stitch in 2012. It used to be my major passion and I've been missing it enough to do some small projects in the coming months.

  8. Hmmm...after seeing all that you have accomplished, I'm wondering if I need to wish for a glitch in our Internet connection. Nah. Love your socks, your block, and your stitching alphabet!


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