Monday, December 12, 2011

A little progress for Design Wall Monday

I got another block or two done on this quilt - no name for it yet and calling the blocks 16 patch sawtooth stars is accurate but a little wordy. They need a catchy name - checkerboard stars or Carol's stars -- ok that's a bit presumptuous - LOL!

This layout will need 13 blocks and I have 6 stitched. I have all the parts for the other 7 cut out and ready to go. Too bad there are lots of other things I need to do - laundry, ironing, cleaning - yuck!

I do like these big scale florals- very pretty! However, this is no longer a free quilt- insert hanging head in shame - ok that's enough. I realized that if I wanted the sashing and the edge triangles for this quilt to be scrappy (and I do) that I need some larger cuts of tone on tone yellows. I have lots of little pieces but very few big cuts left in my stash. So I picked up a few at Joanns (on sale) and at Fabric Shack.

I am very pleased with these additions to my collection. In walking around Fabric Shack looking for yellow fabrics I again saw how few yellows are available. Now it is better than back in the 80's but still yellow is the step-child color in the quilting world. I know lots of people think yellow is hard to work with but in my opinion it is a great addition to any quilt. A little ray of sunshine! In looking at the many quilts I've made over the years, there are very few that don't have yellow or gold in them. I love it as a background, I love it as the focus. It has always been my favorite color. I remember in my teen years when my mother let me paint my room any color I wanted - it was yellow. And in my first apartment, I couldn't paint the walls so I bought a yellow rug and had a yellow bedspread (this was my pre-quilting days). In one of my first houses I bought a yellow linoleum for the kitchen. I never stray far from yellow. I tease my boys (but I am serious) that when my days on this earth are over I want them to cremate me and put my ashes in a pretty yellow vase- I'll be very happy there!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love yellow, too! My living room and dining room and master bedroom are all yellow (actually a yellow/tan, which is not so in-your-face yellow, but rich and warm). I've always had yellow in my life! How about Glimmer for the name of your stars, because they do!

  2. Your yellow fabrics are beautiful! Yes, a little ray of sunshine. And no shame in that.

  3. I have two shades of yellow in my kitchen and I am debating about painting just the ceiling yellow in the small sewing room. Yellow makes me happy! And I have a Kona Cheddar and snow white quilt on my design wall. I needed something to counteract the winter blues :-)

  4. When I first started quilting I thought white and cream were the only acceptable colors. But lately I've been thinking color is the way to go. Yellow is secretly my favorite color - see what a bad rap yellow gets? I don't even admit to it being my favorite. When my Mother allowed me to pick my room color I picked yellow too. Love your stars, and I like the name, Carol's Stars.

  5. I adore those stars everytime I see them. They are so cheery and remind me of a fiesta! Fiesta Stars! You took apart your 36 patch blocks didn't you? And then you used half square triangles for the points? Just thinking I need to make some of those blocks. :) I love how the yellow brightens and warms everything. It really makes the stars shine.

  6. Oh my goodness! I love all those yellows!


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