Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The stockings are hung...

...and the tree has been trimmed...

... and I am pooped! Every year it seems to take me longer to get these jobs done. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas I just get stressed out trying to do it all, when in fact I'm doing less and less. It does look pretty when you get it up, doesn't it?

Now I showed close ups of the stockings last year (you can look at the Sunday entries for December 2010). They are from my needlepoint period and boy was I ambitious back then. I will say my boys, who are now young men, still love their stockings so I did okay. The tree is a kitchen sink tree - we put lots of different stuff on it. There are lots of colored lights, bubble lights (I remember these from my childhood and my kids love them too). There is a nice helping of Hallmark ornaments including a bunch of light and motion ones that make the tree kinda hum when you plug it in.There are vintage ornaments from my childhood and little sequiny ones my Mom made. And there is a sprinkling of cross stitched pieces too. I want to do more of them in the coming years.

Here is a close up of our tree topper - an angel with two little lambs - all pink and girly and pretty and yes she is crooked at the top of the tree. I need someone taller to come home and straighten her out.

I think I'm done buying gifts. I have some grocery shopping to do tomorrow and then I'll "wrap" gifts on Friday. I don't actually "wrap" them, instead I put the items into fabric bags that I've sewn up from Christmas fabric. We've been doing this for several years and the whole family enjoys it. I've made bags of all sizes and we tie them shut with sparkly pipe cleaners so everything is reusable year after year. I've seen this suggested as a "green" Christmas idea but I do it because it is pretty and it is easy - I like easy.

So now I'm going to sit in my chair and admire my handiwork and do a little stitching. Life is good!

Merry Christmas!
carol fun


  1. Carol - Everything looks so pretty! Your stockings ar works of art. I too grew up with a 'kitchen sink' tree - each ornament has memories attached to it, which I think makes it more special really than the 'themed' trees I put out now.

  2. Your decorations are so pretty Carol and I just love your tree. I love your fabric bag wrapping idea, very clever.

  3. oh Carol--that Angel is soooo me--just love her!!
    love your tree and the stockings are delightful--I had knit my two kids stockings years ago and they have them-(or did!!!!)
    You have some great and delightful Christmas times -
    Hugs, Di and her kitty, Miss Gracie

  4. I can identify with your comment about being stressed and doing less and less. My problem is that I do less but it still takes me the same amount of time - ha!

  5. Love it all! I don't know what bubble lights are, but I think I see them and they are pretty

    It is so much work and I've only been at it about 5 years.

    I do adore hanging out with the tree, though. Good job!

  6. lovely tree! We do that too with wrapping. I made a pile of bags a couple of years ago but I put drawstrings on them. They are just so easy to use!

  7. I love "kitchen sink" trees. We always have the same. And we have bubble lights too! Your quilt is perfect hanging near your tree. It looks very festive at your house. Merry Christmas.

  8. Lovely decorations Carol - love the stockings!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  9. What nice decorations Carol and your tree is lovely. There is nothing nicer than hanging ornaments each year which have wonderful memories. Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas!

  10. I love your tree! We have a tree decorated with a mish mash of different ornaments too..and it's my favorite one in the house. There is so much history on those kinds of trees. Lots and lots of memories as we hang them up each year.

  11. Beautiful, Carol! I love looking at all the different ornaments on your tree. The little angel is sweet. Hope you had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to a Happy New Year!


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