Sunday, March 4, 2012

An encore and some new stash for Sampler Sunday

Sheesh - another week has blown by me. I was semi-productive on Monday & Tuesday and then on Wednesday I was out of the house all day, Thursday got filled up with lunch out, a haircut, and dinner out, Friday there were more errands and Saturday I just vegged. So for this Sunday I don't have anything new to share, which leads me to an encore appearance of my Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler. This is the first Quaker type sampler I've stitched but it has lead to more.

This first pic the color is off as this is a hard sampler to photograph. I used DMC flosses and the fabric was called Roasted Crown. I think it was an R&R reproduction linen.This is a BIG piece - it finished over 20 inches square.

This picture is more representative of the real colors - pale yellow, gold and rust. In looking at the piece now I wonder why I didn't add my initials in the cartouche with the date. There is plenty of space and I did add my sons initials. Oh well, this is the way it is.

I've seen several new charts that were released at the TNNA show last weekend and I've already gotten my grubby little paws on one and have a couple more on order. I had to have this one -

Gather Ye Tulips by Heartstring Samplery - here's a link to the etsy lisiting. Now this isn't my normal style but it grabbed me the moment I laid eyes on it. Tulips are my favorite flower, yellow tulips, so I'll be making a few changes to the floss choices. I've also ordered the new BBD book For My Friend and Vintage Stars by Jeanette Douglas Designs. I like that it is a colorful Quaker-ish piece.

I did sit and put some time in on my AoH by BBD. I told myself I'd get this one finished this year but I've lacked motivation. I'm going to set aside one night a week strictly for this piece. We'll see how that works out.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Your Quaker piece is beautiful!
    And I love that Heartstring piece ~ something fun and quirky about it!

  2. Your samplers are gorgeous Carol. I look forward to your Sunday posts.

  3. Encore! Encore! Oh it's a beauty Carol - well worth an encore. I too have been looking at Nashville charts and kits...and drooling!

  4. I love your Quaker sampler! It's just beautiful! :0)

  5. Beautiful color choices for your Quaker! I love the Heartstring Samplery piece - it's so different. :)

  6. Your samplers are just amazing!

  7. Beautiful Quaker, I love stitching these. I always feel like I have finished something each time a finish a motif. The colors of this one are lovely.
    I am looking forward to your new stash and new WIPS from you :)
    Have a great week!

  8. Your Beatrix Potter is lovely! Gather Ye Tulips was one of the new designs that made it onto my wish list as well, I'm another tulip lover.

  9. Beautiful sampler Carol! I just love the color scheme!


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