Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some tulips for a Sampler Sunday

In the continuing saga of the little Blackbird Designs, I have this sampler to show today.

This is Prairie House Sewing Case from A Stitcher's Journey by BBD. I like almost every chart in this book. I was particularly taken by the tulips on this piece. However I pinked them up and used darker rose tones instead of the GA Old Purple Paint it called for since, my skein would have made for black tulips. I've seen black tulips in garden catalogs but I don't think I'd want them in my garden or as part of my cross stitch. I also love the scroll-y border on the top and bottom of this piece. I'd like to see a bigger sampler with this border design- hmmm.... I may have to play with this idea.

Now I don't often pick gold frames but I love the scroll-y vine-y design and it isn't too "in your face" gold. I have a plan to hang this and a couple other of my BBD pieces in my foyer for Spring but I haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe this week- after I haul a few more loads to Goodwill.

I worked a bit more on the BBD AoH piece and after looking at all 12 of the charts together I realized I didn't want to change the position of #8 and #9. When you look at the piece in its entirety you see where the charts on the outside right and left all have the same flowery border. It is stitched in different flosses but it is the same and I like that design element. So I'm stitching #9 where it belongs. I've changed up the flosses (I'm doing more and more of that lately.) My house is definitely yellower and my flowers are more coppery than beige. In examining #9 I realized that the date she included isn't a September birthday, it is a December birthday. Which got me to realize that I don't have to stitch a birth date in the birthday month. I don't' know why that didn't occur to me before. And with that bit of knowledge I'm going to look at each house and find the design that best suits the person whose birth date I'll stitch there.

Hope you have a great week. The Spring quarter starts for my youngest son, so we have a new schedule and routine to adjust to. I had no trouble adjusting to the schedule last week of staying up late and sleeping in. I don't think it will be that easy this week- oh well!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love a gold frame and your samplers are so wonderful, I enjoy them each Sunday.

  2. I love your Sunday Samplers. Always makes me long for 'the olden days' which although I am getting older, I wasn't really around for them. My kids would beg to differ. :)That's the perfect frame. So have you stitched all the patterns in that book? I love it when you find a book and love everything in it.

  3. Your Sunday Samplers are a wonderful weekly treat Carol. The frame is perfect for the interesting sampler. We've just begun Spring Break here.

  4. Beautiful BBD piece. It sounds like you are making great progress on AoTH.
    Have a great week!

  5. What a sweet little sampler, and a pretty frame for it too!
    Staying up late and sleeping in is an easy schedule to get used to isn't it. :)

  6. beautiful and I love the gold frame


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