Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thoughts for Thursdays - T is for....

I really had fun with this month's Schnibble but I have to agree with Thelma of Cupcakes 'n Daisies that the name Bibelot doesn't adequately describe this pattern. I would defintely change it to "T is for...." and you would fill in the blank. For my Schnibble it will be "T is for tape measure, thread, tie, tiaras and tropical fish" and that would only be the first row. I'm not sure the pattern is big enough for all of this LOL!

I went through my stash of novelty fabrics and identified all the pieces that had items that could start with the letter T. Now I will say that some of my T words do require you to ponder just "what in the heck was she thinking?"

Here's a list of what was going on inside that black hole of a space between my ears. You can click on the pictures to see things more closely -

Row 1: tape measure, thread, tie, tiara (not crowns), tropical fish
Row 2: Tyrannosaurus Rex, tools, Thomas the Tank Engine (a favorite of my boys when they were little), truck, teddy bear
Row 3: tropical tiki drink, turtles, teepees (and if you look closely you will see The polka dot chicken), tree toads, triceratops
Row 4: tulips, tool box, tiger, turkeys, another triceratops
Row 5: tam-o-shanter (its a kind of hat), top, telephone (the yellow one is the exact color of the one in my mom's 1960's kitchen and if you lusted after the pink Princess phone you are as old as me), train, time (not clocks - time! LOL)

The inside border fabric is another T item, it is turquoise tire tracks! The outside border has nothing to do with T I just liked that it had all the colors of the blocks in it. So now all I need to do it get is quilted. I'm planning on doing this one is a wavy line grid.

And before I leave you today I want to give you some of my thoughts on the NEW IMPROVED BLOGGER. Okay, I clicked on the prompt that said Blogger was going to a new interface in April, I assumed it would let me look around but NOOOOOOOOO.... it has totally changed my Dashboard and I can't figure out how to get the old format back. Now, when I loaded pictures it does load them in the order you uploaded them, instead of the reverse order it use to do. However, I didn't know this until I had uploaded them and then they were in the wrong order. I'm also having trouble seeing some of the header stuff. I need to have one of my boys look at it and see if they can remedy that. I'm also getting a message that my browser is no longer supported by Blogger and its says "Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems." Well that part is true. It suggests you try Google Chrome, which I downloaded but I still have problems. And I can no longer see anything from my Dashboard if I try to open it in AOL. Overall, I'm not happy right now. I really wish Blogger would have a platform for those of us non-techy people and just leave things alone. There is a little box at the bottom that says "Send feedback". I'll definitely be doing that.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Hi--not sure if this will help--but when you click onto your 'accounts' box on the drop down menu--a new page comes up that makes no sense to me--but if you go to the last line on that page and click on it it does bring up our old page for blogger and I can get my dashboard the same was always--and so far I have not clicked onto any of those other pop up boxes that say something about going to new look--I like my look as it is!!!!!!!
    Hope this helps some--
    and Yes---would they please please leave things alone!!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  2. I agree...if it ain't broke, don't fix it! LOL

  3. Okay, I thought of a "t" for the border, if if contains all of the colors, then it is the "total" of all the colors. I know, it's a stretch, but it works!
    I am overdue for a post, and now you have me worried about it! Ugh!

  4. I wish I still had my pink princess phone. And I used to have a pink princess phone key chair because I worked for Ma Bell at the time. Oh, days gone by!

    T for me stands for "time" left until retirement day! Yeah!

  5. Love all your T things! I never buy prints like these cause I can't ever figure out what I would make from them--but you sure went to TOWN on this project. (Ugh, even I can't stand my bad pun, lol!)

  6. I love your T quilt! It looks like it was a fun project especially with those great fabrics.

    I've been wanting to change my blog for a while, but I'm scared to death. I'd probably blow it up! LOL

  7. Love how your quilt turned out. Very inventive and you got to use some of your scrap stash!! Awesome!

  8. I love your T-riffic Bibelot! It's wonderful.

    As for the changes that some companies insist on making, I am SO with you! Doesn't it always seem to come right when you've figured out one or two things, and you're starting to feel just a tiny bit comfortable? As a non-technie too, I wish you the best of luck. :)

  9. Clever, clever girl! Who knew that there were so many fun things that began with T! It made for an awesome quilt! And I'm with you on the Blogger changes. Either leave things the way they are or walk us through the changes step by step.

  10. "T"errific! I love it what a great idea.......SO creative :-) I was going to comment on my favorite T, but I just can't pick one. Maybe it's the turquoise tire tracks? Oh, I just don't know!

    Too bad about your blogger troubles! Last week I lost a whole post right before I published it, so I feel your pain! Did you try the little wheel drop down thing to change it back? I've gone back and forth between old and new interfaces a few times, and the new one has grown on me. Good luck with your troubles.


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