Sunday, June 24, 2012

An encore presentation of hobbies combining

Another week has blown by me. I did get a little more time at home but still not enough. Hope springs eternal that this week will have me staying home as much as possible. On the cross stitch front, I don't have anything new to show today. I'm still working on Willie's Quaker Sampler and I'm looking forward to starting something new when I get the last stitch in it.

Last week I show a little sampler that had a quilting design and one of you lovely people asked if I had ever used any of my cross stitch in my quilting. This piece is the only time I can remember doing that. It is a sampler that is a little quilt.

I know I've said this before but I have to repeat it again, I have no idea what the name of the is chart was. I vaguely remember it came from BHG Cross Stitch & Country Crafts. I do remember that they didn't have a ceramic button for every letter of the alphabet but the OCD in me could not rest until I found a button for every single solitary letter.

Doing it this way I covered up a lot of the stitching on the lower case letters - oh well. I do love buttons! That clown one for the letter C was a fun one. The pumpkin on the J is a jack-o-lantern. Yes I did manipulate the buttons to make them what I wanted them to be -- that's artistic license, right?? LOL

And finding buttons for some letters was easier than others. Using a "nut" for the letter N was a difficult one. O is an ornament and Q is the heart on Q is for "quilted".The last button I found was the little cross stitch in the hoop with the x's. I looked high and low for a xylophone, but there didn't seem be be anyone who made a ceramic button like that. Imagine that??

This little quilt/cross stitch piece is hand quilted. That should tell you how old it is since I haven't done any hand quilting in the last decade, maybe two.

I am pleased that I didn't cut off the points on the little Ohio Star blocks in the corners. These little darling finished a smidge less than 3 inches. You won't find anything that small in any of my current quilts. Lately my mantra has been bigger is better - LOL!

Summer has definitely arrived here. Yesterday the humidity was down and it didn't feel like it was upper 80s'. However the forecast I saw for next week was flirting with 100 - yikes. So so glad the AC is working.
Hope you are staying cool!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That style does take one back doesn't it? As do the large clay buttons. A nice melding of your two loves - cross stitch and quilting.

  2. That is such a sweet little quilt featuring both of your favorite pasttimes! How fun to have found all the buttons to go on the crossstitch. You do good work,Carol!! Hope it doesn't get too hot where you are. If it does, stay in and quilt! That's what this old gal does!

  3. That's a really cute alphabet piece. I like the combination of quilts and cross stitch! Your Ohio Stars look good! I wish I could trade a little of the Pacific NW cool air for just a little bit of your heat!

  4. I love combining cross stitch with quilting, and this is a lovely example. The corner stars really dress it up.

  5. I love all the alphabets and buttons. Too cute!

  6. Love this one! I'm with you, I've only combined my quilting and cross stitch once and it was a pillow for my mom. Hard tellin' what ever happened to that thing! Love all the buttons you found too!

  7. Next time you are looking for buttons try "Just Another Button Company"

    Wish it was in the 80's here! To day it is 105" and rising at 2:00 pm.


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