Monday, June 18, 2012

A few plates short of a full set on Design Wall Monday

I had hoped for more sewing time than I got this weekend, but I'm happy for what I got. Saturday night I listened to the ball game (my Reds beat the Mets - yeah!) and I got all 80 pieced blocks sewn into rows for my Sugar Dish quilt.


I am very happy with these blocks. I love all the different fabrics and as far as I can tell no two blocks have the identical fabric combination. Do you do that? Sometimes I get way too anal over things like this. It does helps when you have lots of different fabric choices to play with.

I got another little Dresden together but I'm still a few plates short of a full set. Five more to go - another hundred or so little blades that need to be cut and folded and sewn. I might have gotten more done but I got distracted by this great tutorial on Trish's blog Notes of Sincerity - click here.

And that lead to putting these little cuties together from some of the scraps on my cutting table.

Oh my goodness, these are sweet! This is Trish's take on the granny square block that has been sweeping the blog world. I've thought about doing a granny square quilt for a while but somehow I never got my butt in gear. Now I'm glad I waited because I like this version so much more. You only need 3 fabrics per block and the squares are cut 2.5" which means it is charm square friendly. I'm not sure how big this quilt will get but I plan to use the fabrics left over from my Sugar Dish and see where that leads me. I want to use that $250 fabric (in her dreams) for the border of this one.

Right now I have so many quilt ideas buzzing around in my head. I keep thinking that with a summer break things will slow down and I'll have more time to sew. Last week didn't have a lot of free time, but hope springs eternal that this week will be better. Here's crossing my fingers that you and I will have lots of time to sew this week!

carol fun


  1. Sugar Dish looks beyond adorable, Carol. LOVE it.

    I like Trish's version, as well.

  2. Sugar Dish is just lovely!
    Thanks for sharing the link, Carol. =)

  3. Those Dresdens are really great counterpoint to the blocks, Carol! Love the little granny square versions too. Hope your summer slows down enough!

  4. Your Sugar Dish Quilt is simply lovely - those colors are great! And yes, I am that way too. I am currently piecing a quilt for dear daughter and it has 56 fabrics in it. It would get done much faster if I would just sew and stop fretting over if I used that combination before. Choosing to pretend I did not see your dresdens and Granny Squares because I am up to my ears in projects. Well, maybe I'll just pencil them in...just in case.

  5. Carol! I love that quilt! It might be one of my favorites that you've done. I just love the color combinations and the vintage feel of it. I'm not going to get much sewing time in this week but I hope you do! I have way too many ideas for quilts swimming around in my head right now too. I think I drive my mom crazy with all of them. She tells me to focus!

  6. I was wondering if, "a few plates short of a full set" is anything like not "playing with a full deck?" Sorry, I couldn't help myself. You know how warped I am!

    The quilt is beautiful (as are all the lovely things you make)!

    Hope you get more time to quilt and craft and do the things you want to do this summer.

    Yay, the Red's won...Hubby is a buckeye, so anything OH we love!

  7. Your Sugar Dish quilt is looking so sweet. I keep thinking I might do a Dresden plate quilt but then remember I have a runner (3 plates) I need to finish first. I like the idea of added another block to the quilt.

  8. This is so cute! Afraid the "anal" thing runs through a lot of us. It looks GREAT. Thanks for sharing the link and your colorful quilt.

  9. I just love the bright colors you have chosen for the quilt!!

  10. Oh no, I really love a granny square, but now look what you've done, something even cuter!!! Goodness I have to make some of those. just adorable.

  11. Sugar Dish is just TOO SWEET!! I guess I missed the granny square rage because I can't remember what it looks like. I do like the new rendition though. Very cute.


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