Friday, June 29, 2012

On the needles....

They say if you want God to laugh, tell him your plans. Well, God must have tears running down his face he's laughed so hard this week, cause I got nothing done I had planned to do. I've spent most of my week helping my oldest son to purchase his first house and driving my youngest son here there and everywhere. Not that I begrudge them a moment of the time I spend with them but, it is pretty difficult to be sewing up quilt blocks while you are driving 65 mph. Just saying.

So about the only progress I have to show for my week is this sock.

I'm so glad that socks are portable and when you are doing plain stockinette, fairly mindless. I've knitted these while I've waited here there and everywhere.

This is Fabel by DROPS yarn just like last week. Isn't this colorway yummy. It is number 677p. I love the green and the purply blue in this one. I purchased it at Nordic Mart you can click here.

On today's agenda is more driving around, some house related and some for other pursuits. Hopefully I will be able to stay home this weekend, but I'm not making any plans cause God needs a breather.

And I'd like to leave you today with a gratuitous picture of Big Dude doing what a Big Dude does -sleep, on my cutting table. Seriously? There are lots of other more comfy surfaces but I find him here at least once a day.

And I'm off ..... hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.
Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Oh those plans - LOL

    Big Dude looks really comfy.

  2. Congrats to your Oldest for getting his own home. That is awesome. The feeling he has will last for years, and to think you were there to share it with him, that makes it even more special. :)

    Ok, I have egg, bacon and toast on my face...I thought Big Dude was a dog. Clearly he is an adorable cat. If he ever need a home away from home, my craft room is always available for him to crash in. He's super cute.

    I love how cats (and dogs) always want to be near you and if not, then they will park themselves in your's a true compliment that he is giving you that he is laying all over your sewing really it is. Ahhh he looks so sweet sleeping there.

    Don't tell him I thought he was a dog...I don't want any hard feelings between him and I. :)

    Hope you have a great day and your sock is beautiful.....those are my fav colors by the way! Happy weekend to ya.

    Blessings always :)

  3. I'd rather make Him laugh that cry and I'm sure he appreciated a good laugh just like the rest of us. :) Congratulations on your boy's new home! And those socks are my favorite! Do you sell them? I know. I know. Just make some myself. I 'plan' to, but we all know where THAT leads! :)

  4. Don't you just wish you could sleep as well as our furbabies? Big Dude looks perfectly comfortable on your cutting table!

    I always find myself putting my family first and the things I want to do last. It's what us moms do.

    Glad you found some time to work on the sock!

  5. My plans seem to go off course all the time too! LOL At least you've got a really cool sock going! :0)

  6. Your big dude is too cute! At least he's just on the cutting table; before he passed away my mom's cat Andy's favorite place to sleep was on top of her fabric bins.

  7. Congrats on your son's first home and big dude looks so adorable!
    Lovely sock yarn there, Carol. I noticed that you've used the circular needle for the sock, is that the only needle you use to complete the sock or do you change your needles to DPNs once you get to the heels? I've not knitted any sock before, would love to make them but am not good with those DPNs.
    Your sock is looking great, by the way.

  8. Ilove that yarn. I am going to see about getting some. Your sock is beautiful. It will get done, all in due time.

  9. Life does get in the way but its more fun that way.

    Great looking socks-wonderful yarn. Thanks.

  10. Love the color of your socks. My kitty is in my sewing room a lot too, but I have not found her on my cutting table yet. She does sit in my sewing chair though and I have to run her off when I want to use it! I guess since I've not used it in quite a while, she thinks it's hers now!

    Congrats to your son.

  11. Well, between you and me, God must have sore stomach muscles from all of that laughing! ;)

  12. Big Dude knows where to find his Mama's comfort.


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