Sunday, June 17, 2012

A little bit of crossed hobbies on Sampler Sunday

So I looked at all my samplers and I can't find one that speaks to Father's Day so instead I'm showing this little piece that has a very slim Father's Day connection.

Now I have no idea what the name of this piece is. I suspect it came from BHG Cross Stitch & Country Crafts back in the mid-80's. The colors I used - dusty teal and rose- were the colors of our bedroom back then, and I remember finishing this little piece up on a Father's day. Now my husband has no interest in my hobbies and can't differentiate between any of them. He calls everything I do "needlepoint" because that is the first hobby I did when we were married. And he totally doesn't understand my love of samplers. Once years ago, he commented "don't you think we know our ABC's by now". That was probably 40 samplers ago. Really the only time I can think of where he sort of noticed my samplers was when I took about 20 of them to a local shop for an exhibit. What he noticed were the empty nails in the walls. He had no recollection of the samplers and in fact asked why I had put so many holes in the wall. (Can we see why I involve myself in crafty pursuits??)

Anyway what I loved about this little piece (beside the fact that at the time it went so well with my decor) is that it combines 2 things I love - samplers and quilts. I have this charts waiting for my attention that falls into this category - Quakers & Quilts from Rosewood Manor. I'm definitely using the Valdani threads for this one.

And in the other direction here is a vintage quilt that looks like a cross stitch piece. Click here for the info. It being offered for sale.

I've been giving serious thought to doing a quilt like this. It won't be hard to graph out the letters and sew them up. However, the question of what fabrics to use that is still under consideration. I think I've got it figured out, but there are a couple of other quilt projects I want to get to first.

Either way I love when I see quilts and cross stitch combined, I think it is a winning combination.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Those are so pretty! They almost make me wish I was still doing cross stitch! :0)

  2. Love the quarker & quilts sampler and looking forward to seeing your version of it - I'm sure the colours you'd pick will be absolutely luscious!

  3. Beautiful.

    Have you ever included cross stitched pieces in your quilting?

  4. I do love your old sampler. I have also thought about doing the Quakers and quilts. I used to be a very serious hand quilter but the old fingers have sort of rebelled at hand quilting. By the way, my husband calls my cross stitching -knitting!! I have never been a knitter!

  5. Had a good giggle when you talked about your husband asking you if you knew your alphabet by now! And calling everything needlepoint is a hoot. My dear old husband started cross stitching after he retired and he did gorgeous work so he knew the great feeling doing work like that gives you. He also loved to fish - and I was his fishing buddy. Good memories. Have a great week, Carol!

  6. So glad you enjoy your stitching anyway - not everyone understands that's for sure - I CANNOT wait to see Quakers and Quilts - the Valdani threads look to be amazing!

  7. I love your new project and I think that quilt is just fabulous.
    I love seeing some of the older pieces that friends have stitched.
    Have a great week!

  8. Your husband makes me chuckle! ;)
    Love that quilt ~ I'm sure you would make a beautiful one! And then I'd need to come for a visit with a large suitcase...hehehe....


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