Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last minute Sampler for Sunday

I can't believe how late I am tonight - the day just got away from me. My offering for this Sunday is a band sampler from Eileen Bennett which I did almost 25 years ago.

This one is called Seasons of Flowers and if you follow the link you will see that mine differs a bit from the chart. This sampler taught me quite a few things. First, it taught me several beautiful decorative stitches including Queen's Stitch, satin stitch and long armed cross stitch.

And more importantly it taught me to pay close attention to your stitch count and how large you piece is and how it fits on the linen you've chosen.

You can see that my sampler has only a few narrow bands of stitching after the last line of the Scripture verse. There is a very pretty floral motif on Eileen's original but there was no way I could add any of this row since there are only a scant 1/2 inch of linen pulled to the back of this piece- yikes! My framer was not happy with me but it was the only way to salvage this piece.

I have always loved this verse and can remember singing the Byrds arrangement of this as a song at my high school graduation which was 40 years ago - OMG - how did I get sooo old??? LOL - oh well there are worse options than getting old now, aren't there?

However, I do think I am turning into a crabby old women. Case in point, last night I went to see Idina Menzel perform at Riverbend, an outdoor venue. The weather was perfect and her performance was superb, however I don't know if it is just a function of the venue being more casual or people just being rude but there were way too many people behaving badly. From the 2 young women who sat in the row in from of me and talked through several selections by the Pops orchestra and Idina, to the people who got up and left before Idina had sung her signature song "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. She won a Tony Award for her performance of Elphaba, the wicked witch and this song always brings down the house. It was her closing song and people got up and left for the parking lot as she sang the first couple of notes and continued leaving throughout the song. Honestly people, your car isn't going anywhere. You paid good money to come and see her sing and you leave before it is over? I just don't understand it. Idina received several standing ovations throughout the show and returned for a curtain call, but by them many people were already to the parking lot. I don't understand the rudeness and disrespect that these people were showing. Sorry for the rant, but it just seems wrong.

Well, I hope your week has plenty of crafty time. I know that there are several projects I want to get to instead of the pesky cleaning I really need to do. We'll have to see which activity wins out.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I must be old and crabby too cuz I agree with you concerning concert behaviour! Your band sampler was a great "Teaching Tool" and stands the test of time - thanks for sharing.

  2. Your stitchery is wonderful

    Yes, that is very rude....

  3. What a beautiful piece!

    And I agree about the the concert rudeness!

  4. Hi Carol, love the cross stitch, one of my favourites from Ecclesiastes. I agree with you about the concert, there is nothing worse than people talking, making noise or leaving before a concert, play or movie is finished.

  5. What a beautiful sampler. I am so with you...I don't understand the rudeness of people anymore...and it seems to be getting worse and worse. We hardly go to the movies anymore because of people and their phones...talking, texting...drives me CRAZY!

  6. Cool smapler, can't believe I haven't noticed this one among your 50 million in your house:)I must have been sitting by the even ruder people because even thought they clearly announed "No recording of any kind" There was a lady two rows in front of us with a vcr(not very small either) and a coupel more recording with heir camoera's/cell phones - the whole flipping concert! And yes, why anyone would get up and leave before "Defying Gravity" is beyond me. How I managed to not belt out the song with her is beyond me:) She was fab! I must have some Monkey socks, maybe green like in Wicked! I'll pull that yarn and bring to you:) See you tomorrow dear!


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