Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sampler for a gray and rainy Sunday

Sunday? How can it be Sunday already? Maybe being busy Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday has something to to with it being Sunday again. I'm hoping the upcoming week has me at home more than the last one.

Since the weather outside is gray I picked a sunny sampler for today.(Sorry for the washed out pictures - no natural light makes a difference doesn't it?)

This is another Ewe & Eye & Friends called Garden Time. Its not very big, the stitching measures about 4 X 5 inches. But it packs a lot of punch -

I love the little scotch stitches on the basket and the spider web rosette in the middle of the sunflower and the satin stitches on the roof. Since there wasn't any room for my initials I stitched then in a different color in the alphabet. Good thing my initial are sequential in the alphabet.

On Thursday I went to the NQA show in Columbus and had a great time. Good vendors and quilts! I was able to get a picture of my Wonky Butterfly quilt hanging. It was so big I had to move the sleeve down so it wouldn't touch the floor so the top border isn't visible.

I do like how it turned out and I can't wait for it to return home so I can put it on my bed. Okay off to do a little sewing - lots of projects to chose from and a new one is calling my name too.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Hi Carol, cross stitch is very cute and the! its so colourful and cheery. love it :)

  2. Very cute sampler - I enjoy Ewe & Eye, but have never run across that one before

  3. Love your sampler! Looks like a great show!

  4. OH your wonky butterfly quilt looks so pretty hanging at the show - how proud you must be! Love the little sampler, I noticed the scotch stitches right away.

  5. How wonderful it must have been to see your quilt all done and hanging at the show! Congrats on meeting that goal you set for yourself.

    I also am partial to a spider's web rosette. :D

  6. Your butterflies are beautiful! I know it was thrilling to see your quilt hung in the show. Unfortunately this is the first time in many years I wasn't able to attend.


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