Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I did on Wednesday

I had all the intentions of being lots more productive in a creative fashion but somehow I ended up spending most of the day dealing with laundry and other household duties. Not creative but I think my family will enjoy the clean socks and underwear.

I did take a little time though and got 2 more FW blocks stitched up. The first one is the Friendship Star and I used some moon and star boxer shorts fabric for a celestial background.

And for the Broken Dishes blocks there is a man in the moon boxer shorts background for no other reason than it was sitting on the cutting table. Hey, I'm easily distracted - LOL!

So I have my quota of FW blocks for the week - yippee! I've seen that others are really cranking these little darlings out and they are very cool, but I'm going to take this one at a leisurely pace so I can work on other projects. And there are lots of projects calling my name. The teal and lime yarn I showed last week is turning into a very snazzy shawl. I've finished the striped stockinette section and hope to start the lace part tomorrow.

Oh I hear the dryer buzzer - off to fold the towels.
Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Nothing like clean underware.....

    Your blocks look great!

  2. I usually try for a 'creative day' and the family doesn't want to cooperate. Oh well - one day.

    lovely blocks

  3. Great doing on two more blocks. They are hard to stay away from once you get going on them.


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