Monday, June 14, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Yes, I do have something new on my design wall!! Yippee!! Ok, this quilt is the result of inspiration from the latest edition of AP&Q, Summer Salsa, page 30 and the creation on Quiltsalotts blog and a miniature version I saw on Sunshine Yellow's blog.

I have a good start on the middle and I already know that I want my long arm quilter to do a big cherry quilting pattern on this. She's used it on 2 other quilts of mine and it will be perfect for this one too, since all the white square have little red cherries and dots.

These are all my reds stacked up neatly and waiting not so patiently for me to sew them into nine patches. I love nine patches! The fabrics in the front are the yellow setting squares (notice more dots) and the red setting squares (again more dots!!). This is going to be such a happy quilt. My younger son said it looked like a picnic quilt - I like that idea.

Now I should be working on a new tote bag to take with me to the NQA show in Columbus this Thursday but the deadline isn't immediate enough yet.... maybe tomorrow!

Thank you to all the kind readers who've stopped by and left comments -- they absolutely make my day!!

Happy stitching,

carol fun


  1. Oh, it's just wonderful and it looks so cheery, excuse the pun. You must let Kathie know you're making her pattern, she'd love it.

  2. What a summery fresh project to work on in June!

  3. I am so glad you posted this. I hadn't gotten to the store yet to look at the mag to see what you were talking about, now I know! I agree with Nick, it looks like a picnic quilt! Adorable, as usual!

    I finished my green bag for NQA so you'll see it tomorrow. Reminds me of my "younger" days, hopefully it will make me feel younger (thinking of all the walking we will do tomorrow).

  4. Oh, it's delightful - love, love, love it.


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