Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sampler Sunday

So last week the sampler I showed was BIG and this week I'm sharing the one which is my tiniest. This stitching on this piece is only 3 1/2 square. As I remember it is a Drawn Thread design and I used a scrap of a pretty rosy linen I had in my stash and DMC floss.

I've been doing quite a bit of cross stitch this week. I finished a Blackbird Design piece on Thursday and took it to the framer. I really like the frame I picked and as soon as I get it back I'll take pictures of it. And since I finished a piece I gave myself permission to start a new piece. (We will kindly overlook the basket of pieces I have already started and lost interest in, poor abandoned babies.) I started the Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler from 2008. I've seen several examples of this in the blogosphere and it was calling my name. (Really it was, you just have to listen really really closely. Fabric and yarn also talk to me. I'm lucky that they are so chatty with me. We have the nicest talks and so many of them want to come home with me, I hate to disappoint them.) So back to the mystery sampler, I decided to do it on a single piece of linen rather than 5 different pieces because I knew I would never be happy with the way they fit together. I started on the outer border and I've made some good progress. I used up a whole skein of Weeks Dye Works in Moss and I'm only halfway done with the border. It called for 10 yds and I bought 15 but I wonder if I'll have enough. This piece uses a lot of Moss, and I need to take into account that I miscounted and had to rip out and redo a section. Also, by my calculations I'm not going to have enough of the Charcoal that the blackbirds are stitched in, so its back to the store tomorrow.

Hope you had a nice weekend. I plan to have more goodies to post this coming week so stop by again. And thanks to all of you who've become followers and left comments. It makes my day!!!

Happy stitching,
carol fun


  1. I love your BPC and the colours are gorgeous!!!

  2. I'd love to know more about the Blackbird Designs mystery sampler. I love yours! teehee


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