Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Well I was quite productive yesterday. I wanted to make a new tote bag to take to the NQA show in Columbus and I ended up making 3 !!! I was on a roll and I had all the pieces I needed and I just kept sewing. All of these bags use the plastic screen mesh. I have found it in several colors on the web to go along with the standard black that you can find at Home Depot --

Bag #1 - Black and white and red -- always a great combo!

Bag #2- Some Wonderland twill by Momo and off white screening - kinda funky!

Bag #3 - Purpley blue batik with navy bluish screening and leather handles - I picked up these handles at a shop in Louisville and I love the look but they were a pain to sew on -- all hand sewing and it took me forever - hope they hold up to the load.

As for cross stitching, here's where I am on the BBD Mystery sampler -- I want to take a snap of this each week to chart my progress. The last week was definitely more quilty sewing and less cross stitching but I got to work on several projects so that was good.

So, I'm off today for Columbus - I need to take care of some family issues today and tomorrow morning and then I'm going to the quilt show and the knitting show at the convention center. I'm sure I'll get into trouble at both events and I'm hoping to stop at the cross stitch store, Cross My Heart and hit Dick Blick's for some Copic markers. Sooo many hobbies, soooo little time!! ( and money - LOL)

Note - since I changed the template I found that I couldn't double click on the pictures to make them bigger, instead you have to right click and open another window. Hope this helps.

Happy stitching,
carol fun

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  1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog! I was just amazed at all the wonderful quilts I saw yesterday! Love the bags you made too! Have a great weekend! :0)


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