Friday, June 11, 2010

With a little help from my friends....

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends, oh I get.... you remember the song, I know you do! Anyway today I want to show you some stuff that is the result of help from my dear friends and family. First is this good looking fellow. My dear niece gifted him to me and he is feeling quite at home among the rest of my flock on the mantel. I love all the colors in the blown glass - so pretty. Thanks Angela!

And then there is this quilt top. Now this is the one that has been on my design wall for 3 weeks. I was dragging my feet to finish this because I couldn't figure out how I was going to get that small Schnibble quilt into the big Schnibble. This is the X-rated pattern so this quilt is XX-Rated - LOL!! Well Laurey gave me an idea of how to fill in the center at dinner on Monday and that was the solution. When I took pictures of this piece this morning I thought all I had left to do was add a nice wide white border, but after measuring the piece I decided it wasn't big enough. (My friends are reading this and shaking their heads and making that tsk- ing sound because they know I am incapable of making a small quilt. My quilts always get big - I once set out to make a potholder and it ended up a twin size quilt.) So after I measured and realized that adding the wide border wouldn't make it big enough for my queen size bed I decided to add an inner border of 2" finished squares. I have plenty of fabric left over and I sliced and diced it this afternoon and when I am totally done I'll take more pictures. But you know how one thing leads to another - well by adding the inner border I now needed more of the Kona Snow and I wasn't sure where I should go to find more. Then I remembered that Linda said she'd finished off a bolt at Hobby Lobby on Monday. I figured they'd probably restocked and luckily they did. A brand new bolt of Kona Snow - so thanks to Laurey and Linda for helping me finish up this quilt.

And aren't these fabrics gorgeous?? There are 25 fat quarters and the purple piece at the bottom is 3/4 of a yard. It was packaged in a tall cardboard box at Joann's and it said something about Gypsy quilt (I don't remember all the details and my younger son snagged the box.) Anyway I loved the fabrics in this package but it was priced at $60 - YIKES! - more than I wanted to pay. But Stephie came to my rescue with a 50% of coupon - YIPPEE!! 28 fat quarters for $30 -- what a steal!!! So thank you Stephie for making my day.

I am so lucky to have such great friends who help me get by and buy -- get it??? bad bad pun -- LOL

Happy stitching,
carol fun


  1. I love the way you've incorporated the two quilts and I love the colours! They're very similar to the colours of BBD's Summer Basket, which I've recently stitched.

  2. Dear aunt - you have such great friends and family because you're so great to us!!! I'm glad the new chick is feeling at home! :)

  3. Angela is right, remember the old saying "it takes one to know one"? Without you my world would be a lot less colorful and a whole lot duller:) Can't wait to help you buy at the Quilt Show Thurs (or will it be you helping me)? Either way it will be fun!


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